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Born in Poland in 1962, Roman greeted the world with creative eyes that would eventually lead him into cinematography. Before graduating the Arts School in 1982, Roman was a still photographer for the school where he brought his passion of light and subject together.

In 1989, Roman left Poland for Israel because of his love of diving. In Israel, he found way to capture the corals’ beauty by still camera, but felt like there had to be a way to capture it with video. He used his first paycheck to buy a video camera and created a special containment unit that would allow him to capture the beauty of these underwater environments. That camera was an 8 mm and soon the 1990′s would allow him to expand even further.

He enjoyed working with people so much that he started work as a tour guide, but not just any traditional tour guide. He offered those he guided a rare experience to capture their own moments and adventures. Soon, he had families wanting him to film their underwater adventures, their repel down a mountain, their cannoning moments, or their caving expeditions. His reputation grew until he was asked to lead tours in Jordan, Egypt, additional to Israel.

The early 2000′s gave Roman the opportunity to demonstrate his cinematography and highly technical expertise. He worked on the film, The Queen of the Depth, which documented the beautiful Sarma Cave in Caucasus Georgia. There Roman built a designed and constructed technology that would allow a camera to record without the danger of humidity destroying the equipment or film in the one of the deepest caves on the world. He served as both the producer and director of that film.

2002 found Roman acting in Kedma, directed by Amos Gitai. This movie was selected to play in that year’s Cannes Film Festival, which took on the subject matter of Jewish Immigration to Israel in 1947.

2004 was year of immigration for Roman as he made his way to Chicago. He joined the Chicago Independent Art Network. There he met William Hayashi, a writer, who had Roman shoot several projects based off his work. In 2006, he became a Director of Photography, and ultimately worked on several fantastic film shorts. His cinematography and technical expertise were instrumental in: Your 2 O’Clock Is Here; the internationally award winning, Fallout; and the pre-production trailer for the feature film, The Chicago Job. He also worked on a short movie titled Charity, as well as pilots episodes for two TV shows: Utopia and American Haunts.
In 2010, after developing a strong reputation as a D.P., Roman was hired to shoot his first future length movie Promised Land. One year later, Roman helped to co-write the film, Last Hug. Then in 2012, he helped to create and shoot the film, Ctrl+ Life+ Delete.

Roman has created commercial work for business clients. This includes advertising pieces for John Deere and Les Champs Elysee Day Spa and Salon. His company, Romax Motion Pictures Productions, finds time to help non-profit organizations in the local community. This includes work done for The R.E.A.C.H. Foundation.

Roman loves cinematography and it shows. A quick search of lists an impressive portfolio. It is that work that he hopes to inspire, encourage, and help grow businesses and Midwest film makers. Excellent quality film work is not out of any company’s budget. It is just a matter of finding the right fit, and Romax is that solution.

Welcome to the Romax Motion Pictures website. Look around, then contact Roman. Though working throughout the Midwest, he currently resides in Bloomington, Indiana with his wife.


Chicago Job Trailer

Production trailer of future full length movie, which is in preproduction stage.

The Last Hug

The Last Hug is a short film about Mini, a young girl who has everything that people of that age could dream of: a big house, car, and a secured future. But what she didn't have was a father, and she knew just how poor she was. There are no pictures in the house, no one ever talks about him, her mother always kept lying. Who else was she supposed to turn to? She gives up on Mom and decides to leave forever, but then a total stranger walks into her life and within moments changes her hatred towards her mother into love.

You Took My Flag Teaser

Teaser for the Film You Took My Flag


Sarma Caving Expedition

Teaser for the Documentary "The Queen of the Depth", about a Russian-Israeli expedition to one of the deepest caves in the world, "Sarma" which is in Aphasia's part of Arabica mount in Caucasus. The expedition's goal was to break the world record for deep caving. The story shows unique pictures from one of the deepest caves in the world and the dangerous conditions in this cold, wet and dark environment.

Autism Day Clip

Short marketing video for the R.E.A.C.H. Autism Foundation promoting their first annual Autism Walk.


Documentary about the homeless population in Chicago


Commercial Concept Clip

John Deere tractor commercial concept.

Les Champs eLysees

Clip for spa salon in Bloomington, IN


Short intro to Sheanetics workout TV miniseries. Full info at